Trapped 4.0: Do It!

gobutton-taking-actionEvery problem is a leadership problem. That’s bold. Think about it. The moment you get clarity, focus and direction in a mess…good leadership just happened to you. Bueso (see Trapped) inspired the Trapped Series. If you’re his buddy, please tell him that leadership can help him get unstuck and actualize his dreams.

You’ve acknowledged the facts and attained some clarity. You have a good strategy. Now what next?


This is where the rubber meets the road. The doer is the leader.

I see folks get excited about the idea of change. They talk about it and the picture is romantic until…its action time. Then they start feeling sick in the stomach.  Honestly, the sick feeling may not go away before you act.

There’s a way to get around that. “Do it afraid!” Those words changed my life when I first heard them. Every time I did it afraid, the fear eventually left in the process of action. I’m not teaching you what I read in a book. I do it all the time.

Do it afraid!


Trapped 3.0: Plot Your Move

seo_keyword_strategy_2How are your New Year goals working out? The first month of the year is almost done. This is when we start shooting our New Year resolutions. By now, some of those that were determined to lose weight have missed some gym sessions and want to quit…you get my drift? It’s easy to wish, but leaders go beyond the ‘wish’ traps.

I started the Trapped Series, after I read the story of Bueso (see Trapped). It got me determined to help people actually achieve their New Year goals. In Trapped 2.0, we talked about YOU facing YOU and explored how you begin to create change.

After you’ve come to terms with the facts about you and have clarity on what you want to change. What are you going to do about it? Do you still want change?

Get a strategy.

Research, read books and magazines, call someone…do whatever it takes to get the information that you need to move forward. This will help reduce fear; ignorance keeps you in fear. Also, your energy level will increase and you’ll have the tools for a good strategy.

Trapped 2.0: Don’t Play YOU

art facing yourselfLying is not a social shock. It’s ‘normal’. The art of lying gets interesting when you lie to yourself. That’s another level. Some people do it for so many years and in retrospect it’s understandable because dealing with the hard cold truth about you can be difficult. Facing the naked, unmasked YOU can be tough.

Effective leaders are skilled at facing themselves. They don’t shy away from their painful reality. It’s never easy but leaders have to face the facts.

Now, let’s face YOU. Are you stuck in a situation that you don’t enjoy? What facts about you have you been running from? And how long do you plan to run? Change is only a mirage when we do this.

Sit down with pen and paper; find out what it is about you that’s kept you where you are. No blame game; don’t play Bueso (see Trapped). What part did you play? I know it’s tough, but do it. This exercise will bring clarity and give you a new vision.

Face YOU. It’s worth it.

YOU attract YOU

you attract you 1It’s my birthday today. At this milestone, I’m making some major changes. I have the privilege of pulling together my mistakes, experiences and wins as I chart the way forward. One major change I’m making is in my association; I’m huge on that right now. Who am I attracting? That’s the big question.

“Who you are is who you attract” is John Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism. Anyone you attract comes with their world…and its challenges. It’s fair to know what you can handle.

Also, there’s the YOU factor. I often tell my friends humorously, “ every man marries himself” and we usually enjoy a good laugh. In essence, we attract who we are.

Look around you. If you don’t like the people that you’re attracting and the results that you’re getting – change YOU. That’s my birthday gift to YOU.

Happy Birthday to me!

Fish in Water

Maldives_Water_and_Fish_JY012_350ANat Geo Wild is good stuff. I’m helplessly glued to the screen, intrigued as I watch wild life. One captivating element is instinct. Every animal effortlessly displays its nature. This is evident in the way fish moves in water. It glides. No stress. No strain; pure ease.

What has this got to do with leadership?


Like fish in water, effective leaders operate by leadership intuition. They function beyond the facts and it’s not text book. It’s an ability to quickly read a situation and instinctively know what to do. Effortless!

I have a friend that has the gift of organization. It comes easy. As a wedding planner, he has an eye for details. He’s really good. In that area, his intuition makes him a leader.

The Law of Intuition by John Maxwell states that: leaders evaluate everything with a leadership bias. Who you are determines what you see and how you move. The fish does not need swimming lessons.

What if you’re not a natural born leader? Not to worry. You can learn. Soon enough, the intuition comes naturally.

Effective leaders know how to deploy leadership intuition for great results.

Yes, Yes, Yes

leadership liteThe 2008 U.S presidential campaign was insane. Barrack Obama showed up with a strong message of hope. “Yes We Can”, was on the lips of Japanese kids. The atmosphere was electric.

The young Illinois senator argued his right to lead and the world paid attention. At that point, nobody sold the concept of hope like Obama. He earned the respect for it and eventually became president.

In the 21st century, with wide-spread democratic thinking, followers are more empowered than ever and following is voluntary.  People follow leaders that they respect.

We tend to gravitate towards those strong enough to pull us up. They are usually stronger, better and more advanced than we are at that level. This agrees with John Maxwell’s Law of Respect that states: People Naturally Follow Leaders Stronger Than Themselves.

As a leader, your decision to keep growing enhances your capacity to provide solutions. These solutions add value to others, position you to lead and give you the respect that permits following.


TrappedCarving“Man Returns to Work after Vacation with Fresh, Reenergized Hatred for Job”, was the title of an article on The Onion. It’s the story of Matthew Bueso, 38.

He said, “It’s always nice to get away for a few weeks, clear my head, and come back invigorated with a newfound disgust for my place of employment and the various responsibilities of my thoroughly depressing job”. Strong words! Does that sound like anybody you know?

By January 7th, the first Monday, the year was no longer new and happy. You felt like a kid whose lollipop had just been snatched by a bully. Not fun.

Good news!

YOU can change it. Leadership is YOU, that’s my conviction – and according to John Maxwell, “everything rises and falls on leadership”. So my first point of call is Bueso, not the place of employment.

If you’re in this position, how do you engage quality leadership that sets you free? How do you change your attitude and enjoy a fulfilling work life? In the ‘Trapped’ series, I will be sharing principles that could help.

Look out for: Trapped 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.