Blissful Ignorance

blissoneImagine a smoking doctor trying to convince you to quit smoking. Confusing right? After years of study, the health professional knows in great detail how smoking hurts the body. Or does he really know?

Could it be that ignorance is not just the lack of knowledge…but also includes those who know and don’t apply what they know? Truth is: they all suffer the same fate.

For the latter group, ignorance is actually bliss. They simply enjoy the fact of knowing; the emotional rush. That’s it. They want nothing more. I know folks who have read tons of books and still resistant to change. They are very smart, but don’t enjoy the quality of life that comes with knowing.

I read, research and crave to know in order to change and enjoy my life. The more I know, the more fun I enjoy. Now, that’s a great incentive.


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