Serving Drinks

serving drinksI love Senegal. Intense culture –thoroughly enjoyed living there. During my stay, I met Coumba; great friend. Coumba and her family made me feel at home. It was an amazing experience. For two years, they treated me very well.

Ok? What’s the big deal?

My goal is to make leadership simple. And yes, it’s as basic as treating people well. Coumba’s family set out to make my life easy – on purpose. They were very intentional about adding value to me.

Learn to listen. That way you learn about the other person’s needs. Then, you are able to add value in a meaningful way. My friends listened to me.

John Maxwell’s Law of Addition states that: Leaders Add Value by Serving Others. Let’s break it down. Serving others means looking for ways to make life easy and fun for others. Every time you meet good leadership, you get better.


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