The Law is an Ass

law is an asssThe law? An Ass??? This got me cracking up in a media law class in college many years ago.  My imagination ran wild! By the way, Ass is British for Donkey…no silly thoughts. This is probably how most people think of the law. Whatever your take, laws make up the operating system for leadership.

Pilots understand that in order to fly an aircraft, they must apply laws. Your plan to travel from San Diego to Milan for the holidays has one critical factor to it – The ability of your pilot to accurately apply the laws required to land you safely in Milan.

Laws are the ‘boring’ stuff that guarantee the best results. Sometimes we ‘enjoy’ breaking them, but then, we don’t fully enjoy life when we do…we lose money, health, relationships, etc. Like flying, leadership cannot work without skillfully applying the laws that make it effective. Ideally, a law means guarantee.

Hey! Look out for the Law of Influence on my blog this Saturday. This one guarantees that your influence increases. And the good news – it works anywhere, anytime, every time!


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