“When I Move, You Move”

johnlennonI was not a poor kid. Growing up my parents ensured that all my needs were met. After college, I had no student loans to pay off or some of the worries associated with early adulthood.  Even with that privilege, I’ve experienced financial hardship. Due to poor money management, I got to know what it meant to be broke. I made bad money mistakes.

Easy life! In my view, leadership is designed to make life easy. Despite my affluent background, I experienced financial stress. At those points, life got tougher not due to some natural disaster, economic crisis or job loss, I simply was not smart with my cash – no leadership in the area of money.

The law of the lid is the first of the 21 laws (John Maxwell). It states that: leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. If I had better financial sense, I probably could have avoided the stresses that no money brings.

I like life easy. Stress works against the human design. That’s why we should take steps to raise our leadership lid. The higher it goes, the less stressed we become. Great therapy!


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