Who’s Fooling Whom?

trust-imageCan you recall a moment of betrayal and how painful it felt? Spouse cheated, employee got fraudulent, loans went bad, etc. Your trust was attacked and it eventually disappeared. Gone!

Once I was invited to speak at a gathering of CEOs and business leaders. My assigned topic was focused on how to build sustainable business systems. They expected the complexity of a consultant and got shocked when I asked the simple question: Can I trust you? No business, family or endeavor can last long without trust.

Our world is designed to succeed on trust. It’s easy to forget that social systems are run by people and people are fueled by their level of trust. Little or no trust creates a jungle. When we can’t trust each other, life is difficult.

John Maxwell’s Law of Solid Ground states that: Trust is the foundation of Leadership. Maxwell argues that leadership is influence. No trust, No influence.

Progress slows down when trust is gone. Trust is speed.


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