Mistakes Rock!

mistakesIf skillfully handled, mistakes make you perfect. For those seeking perfection, there you have it – mistakes! And no, I’m not losing my mind. It’s common to get angered by mistakes, frustrated or even hate them. However, when our attitude is different, we enjoy more benefits.

Mistakes are not intentional. We don’t plan to make them. This fact is relaxing. Cheer up! A mistake is your subconscious pushing you out of your comfort zone…and the best part? We can learn and grow.

Think about all the inventions and products that we now enjoy because someone made a mistake. Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Post-It notes, Microwave Oven, The Slinky, Chocolate-Chip Cookies (yummy)…it’s a long list.

A mistake stays painful when we don’t learn and grow by it. Learning gives you control over your mistakes and activates the process that makes you perfect. Growth is perfection.


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