TrappedCarving“Man Returns to Work after Vacation with Fresh, Reenergized Hatred for Job”, was the title of an article on The Onion. It’s the story of Matthew Bueso, 38.

He said, “It’s always nice to get away for a few weeks, clear my head, and come back invigorated with a newfound disgust for my place of employment and the various responsibilities of my thoroughly depressing job”. Strong words! Does that sound like anybody you know?

By January 7th, the first Monday, the year was no longer new and happy. You felt like a kid whose lollipop had just been snatched by a bully. Not fun.

Good news!

YOU can change it. Leadership is YOU, that’s my conviction – and according to John Maxwell, “everything rises and falls on leadership”. So my first point of call is Bueso, not the place of employment.

If you’re in this position, how do you engage quality leadership that sets you free? How do you change your attitude and enjoy a fulfilling work life? In the ‘Trapped’ series, I will be sharing principles that could help.

Look out for: Trapped 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.


2 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. You would be surprised at just how many people actually go through this experience, and not just at the work place, but also in school. This is one of the goals of Industrial/Organizational Psychology – to place the right people in the right jobs in order to not only bring about motivation and work satisfaction, but also to help individuals to reach their optimum potential, thus self – actualize.
    I am following this article closely and looking forward to reading your solutions.

  2. You right Anne! This is a challenge for many organizations. The socio-economics in certain places adds to the pressure. You find people on the wrong job who need the money…it’s a tough balance. You can find trapped 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 on the blog. In those, I offer some helpful solutions. Thanks for your insight.

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