Fish in Water

Maldives_Water_and_Fish_JY012_350ANat Geo Wild is good stuff. I’m helplessly glued to the screen, intrigued as I watch wild life. One captivating element is instinct. Every animal effortlessly displays its nature. This is evident in the way fish moves in water. It glides. No stress. No strain; pure ease.

What has this got to do with leadership?


Like fish in water, effective leaders operate by leadership intuition. They function beyond the facts and it’s not text book. It’s an ability to quickly read a situation and instinctively know what to do. Effortless!

I have a friend that has the gift of organization. It comes easy. As a wedding planner, he has an eye for details. He’s really good. In that area, his intuition makes him a leader.

The Law of Intuition by John Maxwell states that: leaders evaluate everything with a leadership bias. Who you are determines what you see and how you move. The fish does not need swimming lessons.

What if you’re not a natural born leader? Not to worry. You can learn. Soon enough, the intuition comes naturally.

Effective leaders know how to deploy leadership intuition for great results.


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