YOU attract YOU

you attract you 1It’s my birthday today. At this milestone, I’m making some major changes. I have the privilege of pulling together my mistakes, experiences and wins as I chart the way forward. One major change I’m making is in my association; I’m huge on that right now. Who am I attracting? That’s the big question.

“Who you are is who you attract” is John Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism. Anyone you attract comes with their world…and its challenges. It’s fair to know what you can handle.

Also, there’s the YOU factor. I often tell my friends humorously, “ every man marries himself” and we usually enjoy a good laugh. In essence, we attract who we are.

Look around you. If you don’t like the people that you’re attracting and the results that you’re getting – change YOU. That’s my birthday gift to YOU.

Happy Birthday to me!


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