Trapped 2.0: Don’t Play YOU

art facing yourselfLying is not a social shock. It’s ‘normal’. The art of lying gets interesting when you lie to yourself. That’s another level. Some people do it for so many years and in retrospect it’s understandable because dealing with the hard cold truth about you can be difficult. Facing the naked, unmasked YOU can be tough.

Effective leaders are skilled at facing themselves. They don’t shy away from their painful reality. It’s never easy but leaders have to face the facts.

Now, let’s face YOU. Are you stuck in a situation that you don’t enjoy? What facts about you have you been running from? And how long do you plan to run? Change is only a mirage when we do this.

Sit down with pen and paper; find out what it is about you that’s kept you where you are. No blame game; don’t play Bueso (see Trapped). What part did you play? I know it’s tough, but do it. This exercise will bring clarity and give you a new vision.

Face YOU. It’s worth it.


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