Trapped 4.0: Do It!

gobutton-taking-actionEvery problem is a leadership problem. That’s bold. Think about it. The moment you get clarity, focus and direction in a mess…good leadership just happened to you. Bueso (see Trapped) inspired the Trapped Series. If you’re his buddy, please tell him that leadership can help him get unstuck and actualize his dreams.

You’ve acknowledged the facts and attained some clarity. You have a good strategy. Now what next?


This is where the rubber meets the road. The doer is the leader.

I see folks get excited about the idea of change. They talk about it and the picture is romantic until…its action time. Then they start feeling sick in the stomach.  Honestly, the sick feeling may not go away before you act.

There’s a way to get around that. “Do it afraid!” Those words changed my life when I first heard them. Every time I did it afraid, the fear eventually left in the process of action. I’m not teaching you what I read in a book. I do it all the time.

Do it afraid!


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