“Show Me The Money”

show me the money imageRihanna’s hairstyles are noteworthy. The media ensures that we know about every new twist. Each hairdo sets the trend for women around the world. That is influence. Hence, leadership!

I’m deeply humbled to teach leadership. Actually, it’s not something that you only instruct but must model it as well. People are watching to see what you do. Watching you flesh out what you teach is how folks get it. Teaching is the easy part, Doing is the challenge.

John Maxwell’s Law of the Picture states that: People Do What People See. Globally, women follow Rihanna’s lead by watching her. They simply do what they see her do.

Leadership is noise if not modeled. If you plan to lead, find out what it takes to build your capacity to do what you teach. At some point, people stop hearing what you say and start ‘hearing’ what you do.



liftingothersIn leadership, insecurity is not uncommon. It is displayed when the leader has trouble with the followers enjoying some power. They don’t believe in giving power to others. I call it the leader’s disease.

Insecure leaders are quick to frustrate the rising of a ‘star’ in the organization or anyone, really, who dares to showcase leadership qualities. They don’t want others to share the spotlight or steal their shine. This bunch feels threatened when others perform well.

Effective leaders know better. They are lifters. You see, our paths vary in so many ways. Stopping another will not get or keep you ahead for long. True leaders create the atmosphere for others to rise.

John Maxwell’s Law of Empowerment states that: Only Secure Leaders Give Power to Others. When you empower and encourage others to be the best, you rise effortlessly. This is one secret of successful leaders.

21 Laws

Every Saturday, for the past 11 weeks, I’ve blogged John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. I apply these laws to increase my effectiveness. I hope you find them helpful. Today, the 12th week, I discuss the Law of Empowerment. Do enjoy!

Viva Kenya!

Flag-map_of_Kenya.svgKenya is home.

I fell madly in love with the place long before Obama’s white house. Last Monday, the nation experienced her first presidential debate. Good stuff! The process brought a few things to mind.

First, it’s just a debate! It’s unreasonable to decide on my future over a debate alone. I want to see a track record. Who is the candidate behind closed doors? What lifestyle have they displayed over time? What personal growth processes have they intentionally engaged? The real debate is how the candidate has lived for the last twenty years, not an episode on TV.

Secondly, politics is not leadership. The political system is an opportunity to lead. It does not make leaders. It only reveals the presence or absence of leadership.

Thirdly, hype is a mirage. The dust will settle. The hype around a political campaign will never erase reality. When it’s all over, we still have bills to pay and children to feed. Reality, they say…bites! Every concert comes to an end; Beyonce will have to go home. Hype does not mean change.

How do you choose a president? Simple! Leadership is YOU. If you can’t lead yourself, why should I trust you to lead me? Show me the track record of how YOU have led YOU over time and YOU may earn the right to lead me. We’re not asking for a squeaky clean record, but one that reveals the journey of maturity.

Purpose Myth

fingers-crossed-lying-lies“You need to find your purpose in life”. That statement has folks in various camps. One group seems to have found it. The other is searching. And there’s a third group that don’t seem to care. What’s the deal?

Wherever you are, you need to chill. Relax! For many years inspirational speakers have pounded us with the purpose talk and kept many on the edge. Some people feel irrelevant because they’ve not ‘found’ their purpose. I call this the purpose myth.

Finding purpose is a journey. And your purpose evolves over a lifetime. You never figure it out all at once. There’s no need to feel pressured because you’ve not found it. You’ve got a lifetime.

Enjoy each point in your journey. Find meaning where you are. If you provide solutions where you are, you’ve found purpose at that point. Stop waiting for a grand event. The journey will unfold your purpose.

The Unknown

dejavu1Déjà Vu excites! You suddenly realize you had participated in the unknown. It feels familiar. You’ve been there. No fear. Is there another YOU playing out in time?

I have no plans to creep you out, but there’s something familiar about the unknown. We don’t know, yet we know. Do I sound strange?

Looking back at my journey, I discovered times when I knew I had to take a risk that I knew was right! You can call it intuition. It’s risky consciously, but familiar subconsciously.

Steve Jobs lived this way. He was eager to venture into the unknown because it was strangely familiar. His moves were logically insane. After his death, those that worked with him confessed to the validity of the unknown that he saw, got excited about and was labeled ‘crazy’ by his environment.

The unknown is familiar to the YOU beyond your fears and you know it. Deep down you know its right. It’s not logic. It’s subconscious reality.

Dream Team

Digital StillCameraThis year, I made one New Year’s resolution. Just one! I decided to review and change my close associations. I figured it’s no use setting elaborate goals if I’ve got the wrong team. So far, so good; best move ever!

I don’t just teach leadership, I try to live it. My resolution was due to my desire to be a better leader this year. John Maxwell’s Law of the Inner Circle supports my decision. It states that: a leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him. We’re six weeks into the year and the results are amazing. This law works!

The people in your inner circle make up your dream team. They affect your level of vision, clarity, speed and success.

You can’t take everyone into the next level of your life. Test each one. Some will not make the cut. Don’t let that bother you. They’ll be fine. Meanwhile, an exciting future beckons and you can’t afford to miss it!