When YOU Fall

fall4Cycling took a big hit when Lance Armstrong finally confessed to 10 years of doping. On an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, we watched him face his shame. I saw a leader dealing with something that happens to us all – only that Armstrong’s was public. We all fall.

I have fallen many times and have had to painstakingly work through the complexities of my failings. It was always a bitter pill.

You’re not about to hear the “failure is not final” speech. I just want to remind you to pay attention to your weaknesses. Bask in your strengths, but know your weaknesses.

Weaknesses are one reason why leaders fail. Drugs, work, sex, power, etc, whatever brings you down; they creep up at peak moments and the unprepared are easily taken out.

Effective leaders think through their weaknesses and put systems in place to keep them functional despite their weaknesses. Prepared leaders handle it much better…and I’m not saying you won’t fail; you just might not have to sit with Oprah!


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