Dream Team

Digital StillCameraThis year, I made one New Year’s resolution. Just one! I decided to review and change my close associations. I figured it’s no use setting elaborate goals if I’ve got the wrong team. So far, so good; best move ever!

I don’t just teach leadership, I try to live it. My resolution was due to my desire to be a better leader this year. John Maxwell’s Law of the Inner Circle supports my decision. It states that: a leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him. We’re six weeks into the year and the results are amazing. This law works!

The people in your inner circle make up your dream team. They affect your level of vision, clarity, speed and success.

You can’t take everyone into the next level of your life. Test each one. Some will not make the cut. Don’t let that bother you. They’ll be fine. Meanwhile, an exciting future beckons and you can’t afford to miss it!


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