Purpose Myth

fingers-crossed-lying-lies“You need to find your purpose in life”. That statement has folks in various camps. One group seems to have found it. The other is searching. And there’s a third group that don’t seem to care. What’s the deal?

Wherever you are, you need to chill. Relax! For many years inspirational speakers have pounded us with the purpose talk and kept many on the edge. Some people feel irrelevant because they’ve not ‘found’ their purpose. I call this the purpose myth.

Finding purpose is a journey. And your purpose evolves over a lifetime. You never figure it out all at once. There’s no need to feel pressured because you’ve not found it. You’ve got a lifetime.

Enjoy each point in your journey. Find meaning where you are. If you provide solutions where you are, you’ve found purpose at that point. Stop waiting for a grand event. The journey will unfold your purpose.


2 thoughts on “Purpose Myth

  1. Spot on brother! God never intended for the discovery of purpose to be stressful and exerting. As we walk with Him – daily – He leads us into our place. So, yea, we understand it more and more on a daily basis, and we fulfil it over a lifetime. Keep on writing my sir!

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