The Unknown

dejavu1Déjà Vu excites! You suddenly realize you had participated in the unknown. It feels familiar. You’ve been there. No fear. Is there another YOU playing out in time?

I have no plans to creep you out, but there’s something familiar about the unknown. We don’t know, yet we know. Do I sound strange?

Looking back at my journey, I discovered times when I knew I had to take a risk that I knew was right! You can call it intuition. It’s risky consciously, but familiar subconsciously.

Steve Jobs lived this way. He was eager to venture into the unknown because it was strangely familiar. His moves were logically insane. After his death, those that worked with him confessed to the validity of the unknown that he saw, got excited about and was labeled ‘crazy’ by his environment.

The unknown is familiar to the YOU beyond your fears and you know it. Deep down you know its right. It’s not logic. It’s subconscious reality.


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