Viva Kenya!

Flag-map_of_Kenya.svgKenya is home.

I fell madly in love with the place long before Obama’s white house. Last Monday, the nation experienced her first presidential debate. Good stuff! The process brought a few things to mind.

First, it’s just a debate! It’s unreasonable to decide on my future over a debate alone. I want to see a track record. Who is the candidate behind closed doors? What lifestyle have they displayed over time? What personal growth processes have they intentionally engaged? The real debate is how the candidate has lived for the last twenty years, not an episode on TV.

Secondly, politics is not leadership. The political system is an opportunity to lead. It does not make leaders. It only reveals the presence or absence of leadership.

Thirdly, hype is a mirage. The dust will settle. The hype around a political campaign will never erase reality. When it’s all over, we still have bills to pay and children to feed. Reality, they say…bites! Every concert comes to an end; Beyonce will have to go home. Hype does not mean change.

How do you choose a president? Simple! Leadership is YOU. If you can’t lead yourself, why should I trust you to lead me? Show me the track record of how YOU have led YOU over time and YOU may earn the right to lead me. We’re not asking for a squeaky clean record, but one that reveals the journey of maturity.


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