liftingothersIn leadership, insecurity is not uncommon. It is displayed when the leader has trouble with the followers enjoying some power. They don’t believe in giving power to others. I call it the leader’s disease.

Insecure leaders are quick to frustrate the rising of a ‘star’ in the organization or anyone, really, who dares to showcase leadership qualities. They don’t want others to share the spotlight or steal their shine. This bunch feels threatened when others perform well.

Effective leaders know better. They are lifters. You see, our paths vary in so many ways. Stopping another will not get or keep you ahead for long. True leaders create the atmosphere for others to rise.

John Maxwell’s Law of Empowerment states that: Only Secure Leaders Give Power to Others. When you empower and encourage others to be the best, you rise effortlessly. This is one secret of successful leaders.


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