“Show Me The Money”

show me the money imageRihanna’s hairstyles are noteworthy. The media ensures that we know about every new twist. Each hairdo sets the trend for women around the world. That is influence. Hence, leadership!

I’m deeply humbled to teach leadership. Actually, it’s not something that you only instruct but must model it as well. People are watching to see what you do. Watching you flesh out what you teach is how folks get it. Teaching is the easy part, Doing is the challenge.

John Maxwell’s Law of the Picture states that: People Do What People See. Globally, women follow Rihanna’s lead by watching her. They simply do what they see her do.

Leadership is noise if not modeled. If you plan to lead, find out what it takes to build your capacity to do what you teach. At some point, people stop hearing what you say and start ‘hearing’ what you do.


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