Fly Free

flyfree2Thought is sight. Sight is thought. Interesting dynamics! Confused? Don’t be. Think Yin-Yang! It’s crazy how someone walks away from the right opportunity, due to their thinking. They just don’t see it. Your thoughts create profit or loss.

I know The Secret was a hit, but wait! Do you really understand the concept? When I saw the light, I actively engaged in the exercise of discovering what thoughts were causing loss. What thinking was stopping me from achieving my goals?

Limiting thoughts equals shooting yourself in the foot. No one is stopping you but you. Perhaps you don’t need more money to advance; you probably have not found the right thinking to take you forward. The Japanese say, “good thinking, good product”.

Generally, when people gain the right perspective, they experience clarity and speed. Once they see differently, they move swiftly and success is faster. The idea: the clearer the thought, the clearer the sight, and vice visa. It’s cyclic.


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