Ready or Not

Six seedlings growing from soilRecently I had lunch with two good friends; young, brilliant professionals. Before long we started talking politics and then leadership. As thoughts flew, this question came up: “are you ready to lead?”

The exchange was interesting. Also, the mushroom sauce added to the thrill. Ultimately, it got me thinking about what makes one ready to lead. How do you know you are ready? Is it a function of age, special training or privilege?

In my view, there’s one key qualification for leadership. It is the: commitment to continuous personal growth. That’s how you know you’re ready. There’s no perfect leader. Hence, it’s a waste of time to wait until you’ve attained perfection in order to lead. If you’re committed to the growth process, you’re ready!

Your ability to learn is the fun part. You don’t have to have it all together, so no more excuses. Whenever you have the chance to lead, jump in! You have something of value to give at every level. That means you’re ready.


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