I Like YOU

bob-marley-16x9In certain circles, he’s considered a prophet. Other’s think he’s immortal and some call him a god. Bob Marley, the reggae legend, effectively sold his person and message to the world without Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, and we bought in…happily!

His lifestyle had an irresistible allure. He enjoyed soccer, loved women and smoked the ‘happy stick’ (maybe you call it weed). He’s a religion to many and globally celebrated long after death. The man is timeless.

How did he do it? According to John Maxwell’s Law of Buy-In: People Buy into the Leader, then the Vision. It’s common to see a leader with an amazing vision that no one cares about. The vision might be impressive, but the person of the leader is not. Bob knew this.

If I like YOU, it’s easier to accept what comes with YOU. As a leader, it is wise to sell YOU first, then your vision. That way you set the stage for your vision to thrive. Otherwise, frustration is guaranteed, except you’re a dictator (not advisable) or other special reasons. Bob’s ideology is still a global sensation and now you know why.


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