Starting Over

startingover2Moore, Oklahoma. Tornado. Pain. Reconstruction. These words come to mind when I think about how much strength, courage and money is required to rebuild the city. The people of Moore have to rebuild their lives, families, businesses, etc. They have to start over.

Good or bad, beginning again can be difficult. It could be a great new job opportunity in a new city, starting a family or rebuilding after a tornado; new beginnings have their demands. It’s not for the faint-hearted!

I’ve had my fair share of fresh starts. My experience has taught me not to ignore the internal issues in the process. It’s easy to focus on the externals and forget the person going through the change.

As a leader, you will face many new starts. To successfully ride it, monitoring your emotions would help. At least, be aware of where you are emotionally in the process. The hidden aspects can make or break you.

Seek help! Clarity can be a challenge in these moments. Personally, I’ve had to work with a life coach to help me attain clarity at such times. Try it. Find someone.


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