changesCrazy! That’s how I describe it. Folks talk, crave and even fight for it. Yet, we seem to have little understanding of how it works. Ask Libya.

Articulating change is the tough part. The Arab Spring for instance; the people fought hard. However, trends show that those seeking change find it difficult figuring out what ‘after the fight’ looks like. According to CNN, ongoing instability continues to jeopardize job creation in Libya.

Have you ever wanted something (the new job, home, spouse, etc) so bad, get it and it eventually becomes your worst nightmare? Why the misery? Here’s one reason.

There’s a difference between the desire and capacity for change. Strong desire is negligible compared to the pain of being unprepared for what you’ve fought for. In my opinion, more time should be spent putting capacity in place. This is echoed in Zahra’ Langhi’s (cofounder, Libya Women’s Platform for Peace) TED talk, “Why Libya’s revolution didn’t work …and what might”.

I suggest that you not only picture what change you want, but ensure you’ve got the capacity and systems to enjoy and sustain it. Otherwise, regrets might be on offer.


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