We Win

Johan FranzenIn his song, The Girl is Mine, Michael Jackson says, “I’m a lover not a fighter”.  I say, I’m a lover and a fighter! As a leader, this attitude helps my team dynamics. And yes, my team wins, always. Even when it looks like we’ve lost, eventually, we win. We never lose.

I believe that humans have been designed to win, ONLY. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got shot, naysayers thought he had lost. Forty years later, his dream stood strong. Barrack Obama became America’s first African-American president. Dr. King won. You get my drift? Winning is beyond crossing the finish line.

“Leaders Find a Way for the Team to Win”, is John Maxwell’s Law of Victory. Maxwell is convinced that, “…The best leaders feel compelled to rise to a challenge and do everything in their power to achieve victory for their people. In their view…

Leadership is responsible.

Losing is unacceptable.

Passion is unquenchable.

Creativity is essential.

Quitting is unthinkable.

Commitment is unquestionable.

Victory is inevitable…”

Enough said.


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