BurtonInspired by an episode of CNN’s Amanpour focused on women in leadership aired last month, I decided to do this series. I wanted to tow her line of thought, but my wife stopped me.

My wife argued that global women leaders only tell an aspect of the story. She talked about everyday women that lead daily in ‘small’ ways. The single mother who is working hard to raise her kids, the sex worker that’s trying to make ends meet or the professional woman that is trying to make her marriage work. They may not be globally recognized, but they lead nonetheless.

I can’t deny a good argument. My girl has a point.

It’s easy to forget the ‘pockets’ of leadership activities that form the critical mass that moves society forward. These women may not be global power brokers, run national budgets or conglomerates, but the soccer mum’s son may become your next president.

To the women in this category, I recognize your leadership. Your input and impact cannot be ignored. I celebrate YOU!


One thought on “Women

  1. Just a few days ago, another woman said to me, “Thank you for taking good care of your Children.” I really appreciated her saying that to me because mothers don’t get appreciated enough for the sacrifice they make everyday to raise a child or children. People kind of just see it as the woman’s responsibility and don’t think they should get a thank you for it. Thanks to all mothers out there.

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