Who Cares?

indifference2I’m tickled by the talks that occur at cocktail parties or when adults meet. Usually, names are exchanged and the next question hits: “what do you do?” Folks now proceed to rain on each other with information about their work, college attended, family, places travelled, social class, achievements, etc. More like a ‘brag’ session!

As relationships advance, in many instances, these achievements mean nothing in the light of the true nature of the individual. He is well travelled, but can’t be trusted with money. At that point, no one really cares about how many countries he’s visited. The man is a con!

Former IMF Chief, Dominique Strauss Khan was disgraced in 2011 when a maid at a New York hotel alleged that he had sexually assaulted her. In leadership, it’s normal for people to eventually lose interest in the accolades of the leader if the person of the leader doesn’t match.

Pay attention to what really matters – YOU! The achievements are extras; they have their place. I’m just not interested if Hitler ‘discovered’ oxygen.


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