waterAccording to TIME, “Millennials aren’t trying to take over the establishment; they’re growing up without one”.

The leadership landscape has changed along with the global one. It would be disastrous to lead based on old methods because the followers have changed. They are largely made up of the group that TIME magazine calls The Millennials (born 1980-2000). They are narcissistic (TIME said it) and well informed. Gone are the days when people blindly followed leaders.

How do you lead this group?

Fluid Leadership! The new followers want to be inspired, not bullied into action. They want to think with you, not have you think for them. It’s got to be a partnership. Traditional exchange between leaders and followers is no longer relevant. Leaders must accept this change and enjoy it.

Now, followers can easily ‘unfollow’ you. They’re that powerful. Thanks to Twitter!


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