Fluid 2.0

fluidThe above picture was taken during a team’s strategy meeting. The guy in the photo is one of the company’s strategic thinkers. In the corporate world, it’s not typical to put a toy on your head during a board meeting. Interestingly, when he did it, no one was distracted. It’s normal!

The work environment has changed.

People! That’s the idea. We often forget that the CEO is a person. The workplace has people working in it. People want to be people. They want to be treated and respected as people.

In the 21st century, companies are being forced to acknowledge people’s humanity. This helps workers relax and increases creativity. Effective leaders support this process.

People get on Facebook when there’s no pressing assignment, design their personal work spaces or enjoy a good laugh in the corridors. They want to BE as long as they produce results, not creating discomfort for others or breaking reasonable company policies. Let people be people. The bottom line smiles for it.


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