‘Stitch by Stitch’

stitch2I recall the first time I saw the movie 300. The frame of the soldiers made me see the need to hit the gym:) I was taken by the story line. King Leonidas was relentless. He believed that Sparta could be saved by 300 men.

Here’s the trick! The king understood the power of building momentum. Consistent ‘small wins’ brought him closer to the ultimate victory, dead or alive. His 300 men instilled fear in King Xerxes’ army. In leadership, momentum is a major factor.

John Maxwell calls it The Law of the Big Mo! It states that: momentum is a leader’s best friend. Effective leaders understand how to systematically build momentum one small win at a time. At some point, the buildup becomes an irresistible force.

You may not have achieved the ‘big’ goal just yet. Meanwhile, celebrate the small wins. They all add up to the majors. They bring your dreams together stitch by stitch. Thank you Javier Colon:)


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