difference3You only occur once. Think about it. According to science, there was no you before you and there’ll be none after you. If that’s not special, I don’t know what is. Your difference naturally sets you apart; it’s your right to lead.

I’m ever fascinated by Steve Jobs. Often, I’m accused of talking about him like he’s still alive. Jobs was one guy who understood the power of difference and got very rich as a result. He knew its worth and fought hard to protect it. The man stayed different.

Your difference is you. It’s your identity, power and respect. It’s your right to oxygen. When you lose the energy that comes from expressing your difference, you lose you. The sparkle in your eyes disappears.

Difference births conflict. That’s understandable. Usually, it’s attacked by those who have lost sight of their own difference and expect others to be like them.

Don’t rob the world of your essence. You add fresh perspective to life and we need it. We want you. The you that’s no other.


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