Dreamer’s Pain

dreamerspain2This is not exhaustive. The dreamer has a myriad of challenges. I will discuss one. The inability of the environment to articulate the dreamer’s dream.

The ever-evolving world of the dreamer leaves her environment confused, not knowing what to do with the ‘madness’. Unfortunately, many dreamers fail to realize this confusing change. Hence, they get hurt by the reaction of the environment. Sometimes deeply!

Andile Ndiovu is a South African ballet dancer who was raised in Soweto. His love for ballet was evident from childhood. Against all odds, he was careful to move to an environment that articulated his dream. By late 2008, he was awarded a place at The Washington Ballet. Now, he’s world renowned.

Many dreamers struggle with the right dream in the wrong place. They spend so much time fighting with the elements and people that don’t understand what they are about. If you’re there (physically or emotionally), you may have to move to keep your dream alive.

Dreams are like plants. They require the right soil, climate and care in order to blossom.


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