I Value YOU

goldLast week, I was asked by a national magazine to write an article on SMEs and business certifications. It got me thinking about the value of people.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is a vetting process that businesses go through in order to earn the right to do business at a certain level. In our relationships, this thinking should equally apply. Do you have a vetting system for the people that come into your life? How much value have you placed on yourself? Access is a gift; it parallels value.

It is unwise to give access to people that don’t qualify. They may not value the hard work that you’ve invested in becoming who you are. A box of cookies does not cost the same as a bar of gold. They should earn your essence.

I value my mind, so I feed it with quality knowledge that keeps it sharp. I value my time, so I try not to give it to those who don’t value theirs. I value my essence, so I’ve built a system that keeps away confusion. I invest so much in me; it’s a factor.


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