Never Give Up!

trentA dream is a picture of your future locked in your soul, that won’t quit. By nature, your dream is restless until achieved. It will never quit on you. A true dream is faithful. Quitting comes from the individual, not the dream.

Dr. Tererai Trent did not quit. As a child in rural Zimbabwe, her dream was to get an education. She was married off at a young age, got three kids, but was still able to pursue her dream in America and earned her PhD.

Every dreamer is fought, most times, fiercely. The strangeness of what the dreamer sees, feels and desires puts her in the center of controversy. Dr. Trent wanted a PhD in a society where women were not expected to think that way.

This is from one dreamer to another: please never give up! Personally, I know what it means to fight long and hard for your conviction. It gets really crazy sometimes, but like childbirth, I’m told, there’s nothing sweeter than holding your baby after labor pain. Your dream is worth it. Don’t let go!


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