Backstage Pass

standing-together-CSAccess is a gift. I believe it strongly. Every relationship is access granted and should be treated as such. I dare say that unfortunately, few know how to handle familiarity. Some people don’t know how to maintain respect once they’re brought closer.

Everyone comes with their world and there are joys, people and places that you may never access until someone enters into your life. Now, when this occurs, disrespect due to mismanagement of familiarity, could close the doors that have been opened. Nobody wants to be taken for granted.

The concept of uniqueness makes familiarity interesting. Everyone has layers of depth that cannot be exhausted in a life time. Just when you think you know someone, they can change. Understand that we’ve been designed to evolve over time.

I don’t want to lose out on the changes that come with people’s uniqueness due to disrespect. Each stage of change has its challenges and goodies. That’s the beauty of life. Familiarity is good, but turns sour when mismanaged.


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