Move Faster

speedThere’s something pleasurable about world class performance. Hence, it’s reasonable to go crazy at a Beyonce concert, pay premium to hear Anthony Robbins speak or get insanely excited at the idea of being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. These individuals profess on the global stage for good reason.

What many don’t realize is that for you to be world class, you must have an effective feedback system. You need an objective, unbiased view of your performance by an outsider. For many global figures, a coach is a key element in their system.

Leadership expert and author of Next Generation Leader, Andy Stanley said, “coaching enables a leader to go further, faster”. In recent years, besides athletes, more business leaders, politicians, artists, etc, engage the services of executive coaches to help them maintain optimum performance.

It’s sad when a leader lacks a sounding board. Someone to help the leader identify ways to improve. Progress is speedy when a coach is involved. I know this for sure.


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