Tired Leaders

tired-of-doing-homeworkBreaking news! Leaders are people and people get tired. If leadership is YOU, then you’re the leader that I’m talking about. Every day I watch people struggle through life’s challenges and it’s plain to see that so many people are tired.

We live in an age where people do anything to keep life rolling. The average person with a job spends at least eight hours daily trying to earn a pay check. Some spend hours commuting from home to work and back. Throw in bills and school fees to pay, family demands, little sleep, health issues, etc. There’s so much pressure!

At the same time, you’re supposed to lead. The sad fact is that some people don’t even realize that they’re tired because it has become their normal state. It takes a lot to lead yourself first before leading others and being conscious of your level of wellness helps.

Stop! Please, first find out where you are. You know that the pressure is building. At this rate, you might soon explode on others. Do the necessary checks and take care of you. Remember, when you’re well, you lead well.


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