Easy to Lead

follow_meThere are folks who think giving their boss a hard time is trendy. These guys make life difficult for anyone who leads. Forgetting karma, they have fantasies of someday being the one in front. They follow, but it’s unpleasant to lead them.

One of the coolest gifts that you can give as a follower is being easy to lead. I don’t mean becoming a puppet, but aligning with the leader’s vision and giving your very best at every level. Interestingly, you horn your own leadership skills in the process.

As a leadership expert, I’ve made the commitment to be the best follower ever. You will always enjoy having me in your team because I understand that effectively following my leader’s vision means effective leadership. I simply do not trust a leader that does not know how to follow.

Leadership can be tough. For anyone, the challenges are no joke. The leader is the one that has enough courage to risk failing publicly in order to solve a problem. You’ve got to respect that. Follow in peace.


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