Crazy Times

yellow_guy_crazy_hg_whtThere are days when I don’t want to lead, be responsible or give expert advice. No questions, no answers. I just want to step away from my gift and deal with my humanity. It’s the day ‘superman’ takes time off. I don’t want to be strong; I’m happy on the couch. Every leader knows what I mean.

This feeling does not mean that the world stops for you to catch your breath. You still have to be up early, make that trip or meet deadlines. The demands never stop. You’re expected to be on point!

Like everyone else, leaders go through times when they simply don’t have it together. When they search for answers and don’t know what to do. They are confused and lost in a maze.

At this point, it’s helpful to be truthful. Admit to your team that you don’t have it together and ask for help. Find a small group to walk through the mess with you. This group will help you maintain balance and function in your gift as you clean up. Most importantly, understand that it’s only a phase. It will end!


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