Peace with Zero

atpeaceHave you ever lost everything? A beautiful home, child, money, friend, businesses, etc…I mean everything! It’s a horrible feeling. When all that was your pride develops wings and flies away, your world instantly turns on its head. I’ve been there.

What if you lose everything?

I’m not trying to spell doom. However, it’s wise to factor ‘nothing’. Life is crazy. One minute you’ve got a fat bank account, a great career and the love of your life and the next it’s all gone. If these changes are real, I think they’re worth considering.

You may never be prepared for every eventuality, but zero is a good place to start. If you ever hit ground zero, do you have a strategy?

Now, we’re being forced by change to look deeper within; to further appreciate the intangibles of life (love, laughter, joy…etc)…those elements that we largely ignore in our pursuit of success…because when we’re at zero, that’s all we have left.



time2The renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Mike Murdock said, “I’ve never met a poor person that values time and I’ve never met a rich person that didn’t value time”. That hit me like a ton of bricks sitting at his conference in 2000. He was talking about the difference between wealth and poverty. For me, that settled it!

My attitude to time changed because I began to understand the domino effect of time and its natural connection to wealth creation. It’s a well oiled system.

If I promised to deliver goods to you at 2 pm and don’t, then you get to disappoint others because I disappointed you…a chain reaction begins…hence a delay in the movement of money and value. This delay is room for poverty. I saw it clearly.

13 years later, I have a better understanding of Dr. Murdock’s point. What’s truly amazing is the connection between wealth and time.

Time is an instrument of trust and trust is social capital. When you disrespect other people’s time, you eventually lose trust because you cannot be counted on…you’re messing with their money.

The Money Trap

moneyshackles-362x240“Without money, you are nothing”, said a man who called into a radio show that I was listening in on while I cringed!

I do not agree.

I have a major problem with the idea of self worth being tied to or measured by money. It’s an unfair assessment of the human soul.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups. If your self-worth goes up when you have cash and crashes when you don’t…how stable is that? It’s a trap!

A person’s worth is much more than all the cash in the world. No sum can be measured to buy off the infinite treasures of the soul.

I once fell into this trap and discovered it’s a huge lie! My worth has absolutely nothing to do with cash; it’s a deep conviction. Money or no money, I am highly valuable…and so are you!


kenyaflagNairobi is my city and the West Gate Mall terrorist attack has left us all in shock. We pray for the best as we deal with the complexities of the chaos that evil brings. Despite the pain, we will win this one.

As Kenyans, we understand that the human spirit is skilled at rising above any form of terror. We know that evil has never succeeded at permanently ending the joys of life.

Through this rubble of pain, we will yet again confirm the consistency of love, courage and peace. Together we will establish the idea of oneness that ridicules the effort of those who trade in fear.

To everyone who lost loved ones and friends or affected in anyway, to the beautiful people of Kenya, I pray that the force of peace rebuilds and restores everything that has been lost. #WeAreOne

God bless Kenya!


Eisklettern_kl_engstligenfallMore than ever I now understand that leadership is a journey. Not just a set of goals that you attain or a mountain top that you reach. Also, the unfolding nature of vision is something I have grown to appreciate. What Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, saw when he started out is not what he sees now; vision evolves!

My vision for #theyouideology blog is: to make leadership simple and easy to apply. However, that’s not what I saw when I began this journey over 15 years ago. My focus was how to get people to follow and barely on the person of the leader. What I now see empowers me to make my passion simple.

A leader’s vision may never evolve. Alternately, it could advance to a limited degree no matter how good it is at first. Our world is littered with ideas that are short-lived, get stale or never see the next level. You decide the reach of what you see.

Your vision evolves to the level that your scope is. Smart folks increase their range of learning (scope).That’s how you stay fresh!


one_focusImagine a choir of forty singing a song. As they sing, one person is removed from the arrangement every 60 seconds. The effect might not be felt immediately, but soon enough, we’ll have just one person singing. The effect of a choir is different from a solo performance because forty people agreed to sing one song.

One focus! Ultimately, that’s the strength of a team. A group of people coming together to agree on an issue increases each person’s chance of success. This element is easily overlooked, but the effect is huge.

In the corporate world, I’ve met well meaning people with good education and cutting edge skills make little impact due to ‘scattered’ focus.  Each team member has a different agenda and everyone is frustrated despite the level of expertise in the group.

When there’s one focus, energy is conserved, there’s more challenge-defying power and processes see more speed. The job gets done or at least gets a decent try. Skill, time, money, energy, etc, goes to waste when we don’t agree. Let’s try a different approach: do it as one!

Feeling Stupid

foolish“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” were among Steve Jobs’ final words as he wrapped up his famous 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Every visionary knows the ‘foolish’ part too well. It comes with the territory.

I began to understand his conviction when I watched Billion Dollar Hippy, BBC’s documentary on Jobs. A good number of the people who worked with him thought he was psycho. However, many said that they now see why he was crazy…“in retrospect”.

My study of visionaries reveals that a lot of what they do may never be understood by those around them until they’re gone. Hence, they suffer the feeling of looking, sounding and being stupid as they wade through the complexities of their dream.

It took many painful years to reconcile, but I’m at peace with the appearance of ‘foolishness’ and sounding stupid. New frontiers occur when we push beyond the status quo. You must be sold out to the unknown.

The nature of vision guarantees that you look foolish. Don’t let it stop you. Keep doing what you know to do. Historically, the future is foolishness to those who don’t see it.