openness1Leadership is a very scary concept. For one, imperfect leaders get to make decisions that affect the lives of others and we often expect perfect solutions. The reality is different. If we’re lucky, we sometimes find someone who believes in the growth process, minimizing their shortcomings. Ultimately, good leadership is a luxury item.

The days of impeccable ideals are gone. We’re all from the pool of ‘broken souls’. The 21st century leader knows the pressure of maintaining control, ‘forced’ vulnerability (the loss of privacy) and ‘required’ vulnerability.

According to Dr. Brene Brown, the Shame researcher, “vulnerability is absolutely essential for wholehearted living”. Good luck with that, some would say. Well, if our level of vulnerability equals our level of effectiveness…you do the math.

This is a tough one. People generally don’t want to go there. It’s too complicated. I’ve discovered that if we really want to start living authentically, then it’s time to face vulnerability. We can’t fake it for long. Besides, it gets tiring. When I say, growth is messy, this is what I mean. I told you its scary!


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