Never Good Enough

neverenoughThe renowned talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, said that after every interview that she conducts, every interviewee asks the question, “was that OK?” We all want to know if we did OK. Everyone seeks validation in some form. It’s a crazy aspect of our humanity.

When competition is void of contentment, it’s unhealthy. That’s the trap. Many are caught in a maze where they work so hard, sacrifice so much, push themselves to the limit and at the finish line, they’re asked for more. No validation, no celebration. That’s not cool.

I don’t endorse mediocrity; however, I acknowledge hard work. I appreciate the fact that someone poured good effort into a task and got the job done. I enjoy that. It’s good enough. It’s worth celebrating.

You didn’t leave college with an A, but you graduated. That’s enough! You might not be the perfect parent, but you work hard to improve daily; that’s enough. You work hard on your job and you’re getting better; that’s enough. Celebrate what you’ve been able to attain as you grow. Don’t buy into the ‘you are not enough’ lie. You’re enough!


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