Death by Culture

Noose on Black BackgroundGrowing up, mistakes where not tolerated at my home. When you made one, you were made to feel like you committed murder and it was never forgotten. At an opportune time, it was brought up and used against you. Shame was seen as motivation. Being a free spirit, I was always in trouble.

In retrospect, I now understand why. Beyond my family, it was a cultural issue. Our culture has no room for ‘weaknesses’. It dictates that leaders maintain a perfect picture; hence my dad’s position. His family could not be seen as having flaws.

In my journey, I’ve discovered that the ability to co-exist with your mistakes and still be effective requires courage. Owning up to your faults, believing you can do better and never giving up is inner strength.

It’s a far cry from how I was raised, but gosh! That life was exhausting. I am imperfect and I love it. That’s courage. Still, I’m a leader. I work hard daily to get better. This is not an excuse to mess up, but remember, a pencil comes with an eraser for a reason.


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