toystory2Often I’m asked, “What’s your story?” Whenever asked, I first assess my relationship with the inquirer to know what version of my story to tell. I also consider their scope, that way I qualify my hearer. Our story is one way we connect with others, however rules of engagement apply.

You tell your story to help and be helped or both. Your story is the deep, sensitive part of you that should not be taken for granted. As you share, it has the capacity to bring healing to someone or further heal you.

Timing is vital. We process our story over a lifetime. There are aspects of my story that can’t be shared now. It’s not time. They will be shared in good time. Respect the process. At the right time, the story is impactful.

“Do not give your pearls to swine” is an interesting proverb. Your story is a pearl. It bears your authenticity. To whom do you give your pearls? Who deserves to hear your story? Can they handle it? If they don’t deserve pearls, they don’t deserve your story.


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