Feeling Stupid

foolish“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” were among Steve Jobs’ final words as he wrapped up his famous 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Every visionary knows the ‘foolish’ part too well. It comes with the territory.

I began to understand his conviction when I watched Billion Dollar Hippy, BBC’s documentary on Jobs. A good number of the people who worked with him thought he was psycho. However, many said that they now see why he was crazy…“in retrospect”.

My study of visionaries reveals that a lot of what they do may never be understood by those around them until they’re gone. Hence, they suffer the feeling of looking, sounding and being stupid as they wade through the complexities of their dream.

It took many painful years to reconcile, but I’m at peace with the appearance of ‘foolishness’ and sounding stupid. New frontiers occur when we push beyond the status quo. You must be sold out to the unknown.

The nature of vision guarantees that you look foolish. Don’t let it stop you. Keep doing what you know to do. Historically, the future is foolishness to those who don’t see it.


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