one_focusImagine a choir of forty singing a song. As they sing, one person is removed from the arrangement every 60 seconds. The effect might not be felt immediately, but soon enough, we’ll have just one person singing. The effect of a choir is different from a solo performance because forty people agreed to sing one song.

One focus! Ultimately, that’s the strength of a team. A group of people coming together to agree on an issue increases each person’s chance of success. This element is easily overlooked, but the effect is huge.

In the corporate world, I’ve met well meaning people with good education and cutting edge skills make little impact due to ‘scattered’ focus.  Each team member has a different agenda and everyone is frustrated despite the level of expertise in the group.

When there’s one focus, energy is conserved, there’s more challenge-defying power and processes see more speed. The job gets done or at least gets a decent try. Skill, time, money, energy, etc, goes to waste when we don’t agree. Let’s try a different approach: do it as one!


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