Eisklettern_kl_engstligenfallMore than ever I now understand that leadership is a journey. Not just a set of goals that you attain or a mountain top that you reach. Also, the unfolding nature of vision is something I have grown to appreciate. What Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, saw when he started out is not what he sees now; vision evolves!

My vision for #theyouideology blog is: to make leadership simple and easy to apply. However, that’s not what I saw when I began this journey over 15 years ago. My focus was how to get people to follow and barely on the person of the leader. What I now see empowers me to make my passion simple.

A leader’s vision may never evolve. Alternately, it could advance to a limited degree no matter how good it is at first. Our world is littered with ideas that are short-lived, get stale or never see the next level. You decide the reach of what you see.

Your vision evolves to the level that your scope is. Smart folks increase their range of learning (scope).That’s how you stay fresh!


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