The Money Trap

moneyshackles-362x240“Without money, you are nothing”, said a man who called into a radio show that I was listening in on while I cringed!

I do not agree.

I have a major problem with the idea of self worth being tied to or measured by money. It’s an unfair assessment of the human soul.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups. If your self-worth goes up when you have cash and crashes when you don’t…how stable is that? It’s a trap!

A person’s worth is much more than all the cash in the world. No sum can be measured to buy off the infinite treasures of the soul.

I once fell into this trap and discovered it’s a huge lie! My worth has absolutely nothing to do with cash; it’s a deep conviction. Money or no money, I am highly valuable…and so are you!


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