Peace with Zero

atpeaceHave you ever lost everything? A beautiful home, child, money, friend, businesses, etc…I mean everything! It’s a horrible feeling. When all that was your pride develops wings and flies away, your world instantly turns on its head. I’ve been there.

What if you lose everything?

I’m not trying to spell doom. However, it’s wise to factor ‘nothing’. Life is crazy. One minute you’ve got a fat bank account, a great career and the love of your life and the next it’s all gone. If these changes are real, I think they’re worth considering.

You may never be prepared for every eventuality, but zero is a good place to start. If you ever hit ground zero, do you have a strategy?

Now, we’re being forced by change to look deeper within; to further appreciate the intangibles of life (love, laughter, joy…etc)…those elements that we largely ignore in our pursuit of success…because when we’re at zero, that’s all we have left.


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